This Season’s Boho Brights

April 15, 2014

When we are getting ready to welcome in Summertime (finally). This time is now popularly known as “Festival season”. But this season means updating your home as well as your wardrobe. So store away those dark colours, open the windows and invite the sun into your home. It will make a huge difference.

Many people choose to go to festivals to embrace the warm weather and happy music. However, there are many ways you can make the most of the warm weather by incorporating the carefree festival and bohemian style into your home. Simple changes such as change of accessories, cushions, bed covers etc. will make your surroundings look fresh as a daisy. Here are some items to help achieve this to make your home look summery and bohemian chic.

modcloth lantern

1. Lanterns, lanterns and even more lanterns. These are the perfect decoration to any home or garden to give that peaceful, exotic feeling when the summer sun dies down for the warm night. The great thing about this lantern is the colour. The bohemian blue lets through the right amount of light from the flame inside, giving it the subtle yet dreamy feel.



2. This hanging chair looks so inviting. Imagine curling up with a good book or even just surfing the net comfortably on this. It’s very colourful and bohemian, transforming any room into your own nirvana.


hm pillow

3. Are you planning on hosting a garden part this summer? Look no further. These pineapple chair cushions will easily fit onto outside furniture if you want to sit and relax with homemade Pina Coladas. This blue fabric with the pineapples, clash in a very attractive way, making these cushions the centre of attention at the table.



4. At first glance, this looks like it’s going to be a tea light holder but it’s actually a lovely cup. Bright and unique, giving guests these will certainly impress. This cup comes in a set of four, making it perfect for any table decoration in the summer while drinking smoothies.



5. This multi-coloured laundry basket is so ideal because it means you can team any other colour accessories with it in a room. It won’t make it difficult to match other items, you can add blue, green, pink or any colour vases, throws or bedding and it’ll look great.


hm tablecloth

6. This floral tablecloth is ideal to brighten up your dining room if the rest is fairly minimal. H&M bring out amazing home décor at affordable prices. This floral piece isn’t too dainty to look too dated; instead, the large flowers look more tropical and modern, adding summer into the summer instantly. Add a few candles for night time and you have yourself a wonderful atmosphere.


urban outfitters table

7. Get your living room in the summer vibe by swapping your usual wooden coffee tables for these bright, bohemian style tables. In three different sizes, there is the open to keep them together or dot them around your room for an instant brightening effect. These tables are ideal or any living room or bedroom.



8. Bring the beach into your bedroom by changing your bedcovers for this wonderfully tropical print from Urban Outfitters. The subtle yet bright blue, orange and dark pink colours will inject summer into any room. No one likes coming back from their summer holiday, therefore, these covers are perfect for any beach bunny who doesn’t want to leave the sunny feeling back overseas.


Those were the picks for what we, at Darren Mercer, think are wonderful accessories to get your house ready for Spring/Summer 2014.

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