Quirky Home Accessories

April 15, 2014

Our homes should be a reflection of our personality, letting guests that walk through our door know that we are either quirky, stylish, modern or classic. Interior design can be a long winded decision.We want it to stand the test of time and we also don’t want to go overboard due to forever changing trends..

You might be the type of person who has a quirky or cheeky side, yet might not want that permanently projected in your home. So what’s the alternative? Home accessories are the key to finding the correct balance of modern and quirky but in an effortless way where you have the option to put those accessories away whenever you want to.

If you think about how many pieces are advertised in fashion in current magazines, but also ones we may not want to wear year after year, interior design is the same. Minimalistic homes sell easier because they’re not completely filtered to one person. Therefore when you add simple accents to a room, whether it’s theme, print or colour, it will make a huge difference.

Here are some brilliant, fun accessories that can refresh you room without a lick of paint.


Bored of ordinary lighting? Well these top hat lights will surely add oomph to the room. Simple yet they leave a large impact and its ideal for any game’s room or cocktail room décor.
Link- http://wanelo.ly/OIWpVf

tetris light


One of the easiest ways to transform a room is to add lights. This one will definitely bring the, games and colour into your room. This Tetris lamp is ideal for a gaming room or basement for band practice.
Link-  http://bit.ly/1lMNzSs


These bar stools are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is perfect for people who love quality champagne and fancy food. These can be used in or outside for elegance with a quirk.
Link- http://bit.ly/1gblkIz



Pugs are everywhere at the moment. They seem to be the dog of everyone’s choice at the moment. But how about bringing pug accessories into your home in a fun yet subtle way. These pug salt and pepper shakers are ideal because they’re small and so cute, just like pugs!
Link- http://bit.ly/1hDweGj

Can I hear an “Awwwwww”? This is a fantastically cute cushion for whether it’s for a child or yourself. Pugs (again) all all the range, as exampled and now you can have a pillow that you can hug! It’s a brilliant gift for anyone who loves Pugs, whether they have one or not!
Link- http://bit.ly/Rm0kcJ


Are you a music lover? If so, you’ll love these plant pots that take on the lyrics of famous songs. It adds a bit of an edge to plant pots that can look a bit dull. One of these between regular ones on a windowsill will bring that light hearted edge to any room. The have these other versions, too!
Link- http://bit.ly/1sFmjJC



Interested in Geography? Then you’ll love this one. These wall stickers transform a room and they are so easy to apply. Then when you fancy a change, you can just as easily remove them. Those pub quizzes will be a doddle when you have a better knowledge of the world around you.
Link- http://bit.ly/1lSNuPM


Had enough with those boring hangers that always break? You could get some more or you could give your wardrobe a slight update by adding these fun animal hangers. The comical effect or seeing what a dog would look like in your favourite shirt brings more enjoyment to picking an outfit.
Link- http://bit.ly/1gcrATB


A faux stag’s head is quite a well-known feature for a wall but what if you want to have fun with it and go that one step ahead? A T-Rex’s head you say? Well if that doesn’t excite your inner Ross Gellar, I don’t know what will.
Link- http://bit.ly/1hvpXCy


Oh, the importance of electricity! With this extension cable, you can please fans of Pokemon, David Bowie and more! The bright colour will make it easy to find and it’s a bit of fun for anyone’s home. It’s most likely ideal for offices where we can never have too many things plugged in.
Link- http://bit.ly/1lSKnr0

Those were our picks for brilliant quirky home accessories!

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