Modern Monochrome

May 8, 2014


Remember monochrome? That trend that was widely popular in the 1960s, clashing black/white with bold patterns. Who knew muted colours could be so eye-catching? Only the most fashionable were able to pull off an outfit like the one below, featured in Vogue.

Now, you can introduce the monochrome theme into your home but in a modern way, instead of looking dated. Sure it’s a risk, going for little or no colour, however, there are certain ways to do it. Careful selections of textiles and accessories will turn your house into a palace chic enough for Anna Wintour. Here are some tips to make your home wonderfully monochrome yet modern for the 2010s.


Yes, that’s right. Patterns. Now, clashing patterns with black and white is an easy way to add a bit of interest to the room, stopping it from looking flat as a pancake. Bedcovers, pillows, rugs and any over accessories are the key to adding oomph. The room above has small accessories so the room doesn’t look too dark. Making the radio of white to black around 70/30, it makes the room look lighter and not at all dark or unwelcoming.


All of these accessories in this room are monochrome except for the light wood pieces such as the flooring, bed frame and end table. A light oak will definitely change the room and make a hell of a difference. This also makes it very easy to change the room around for the seasons, adding more colour. Perhaps a berry colour for winter or a yellow for spring. Both will compliment black and it’s won’t be limiting to what you can do with the room.

4d54c8b1c134fd776c1ddb20d24553a4Adding Colourful Accessories – source

This is an excellent way to create a monochrome theme but adding a bit of personality. If just black and white is just too plain for you, add a splash of colour. Yellow works perfectly well in the room because the monochrome doesn’t make it look too bright or too washed out either. This type of room is perfect for a teenager, due to the change of their style, simple monochrome is flexible enough so when they change the colour they like, just change the coloured accessories that go along with it. Easy!


If you’re going for a completely monochrome room and your not sure how to jazz it up, try a change in textures. The back wall of this room is a wallpaper with a velvet pattern. This adds further dimension to the room, changing it from boring to interesting. Try adding some thick wool bed throws, perhaps bobbly white pillows or even a sheepskin rug to add more comfort and coziness to the room.

Those were some picks on how to accessorise and create your perfect modern monochrome room.

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