Masculinity In The Home

May 14, 2014

It’s all very well and good that there is a great selection for the home. Usually if you live with a woman, she’ll happily take on that task of arranging the furniture, design, colour scheme and general style of the home you share. But what if you’re a single guy who has a brilliant pad to himself? There are ways to accessorise and design your living space with colour but without it being too feminine. Here, we’ll show you some interior design looks that are perfect for the independent guy.


This office is a example of how you can keep your at home office (if you have one), simple, masculine yet with a hint of colour. An acid green adds style, constant and masculinity to the monochrome room. Bright colours are becoming a very popular choice when updating a room and giving it edge. This colour all over would take the focus away from it being strictly masculine. Of course, you could add all the acid colours you want, but it would lose that original trend. Adding the colour to just the one main focus of the room makes it look much more crisp and elegant, instead of over bearing and 80s.

f443b3364b5de9530bbc4d6f74cb264bYellow sure is a popular colour, due to it being a very popular unisex colour to use within your home. But in this lounge, it’s the flowers that add the colour to this room, showing again that you only need a little bit of colour if your home is going to be masculine. The different textures and muted yet warm colours make this room inviting and very fashionable. Any man that would style their home like this is bound to be a very trendy one at that. Keeping the surfaces white and adding different coloured furniture updates the room and stops it from being too plain. You could switch this up easily as well. In the spring you can keep the yellow to add a bit of brightness to the room and for different seasons, you could add teals, dark berry or jewel colours to keep the fashionable feel to the room. In fact, it’s very Don Draper from Mad Men. I can imagine sat in this type of room with a whiskey on the rocks. It’s effortless and cool.

masculine-bedrooms-10A fanatically simple way of making your bedroom masculine is to go back tot the classics and add “Olde English” style fabrics and accessories. The old suitcases stacked to make a bedside table is a genius way to make the room more rustic yet classy. Adding throws and bedspreads which are either Tartan, Houndstooth or Herringbone will instantly add masculinity and warmth. It’s as if you can smell the woody, spiced aftershave by just looking at this room. This type of bedroom can be tricky to master without looking too busy therefore if you want to scale it back, try adding the patterns in accessories instead of the carpet as well. The lamp in this picture is brilliant too because it gives that countryside feel, especially since the dog looks like it could be a field breed. There are many ways to add the traditional english man’s style into a bedroom and this is a great example of it.

Those were three examples of Masculinity In The Home.

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