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Luxury Interior Styles for Different Sized Homes

March 24, 2014

When you think of luxury interior design, images of huge lavish apartments and mansions often tend to spring to mind.

However, there is nothing to stop you from incorporating a touch of luxury into your home, irrespective of its size.

If anything, a smaller, well-designed living space can often turn out to be the far preferable option. It’s also a lot easier to design in the first place and, believe us, far easier to maintain.

Here are our top tips for keeping the luxury in your interior design, regardless of the size of your home:

Colour Palette

Your first port of call when designing a new room should definitely be the colour scheme – it should be the defining factor for every decision that follows.

If you’re working with a large open space, you may wish to opt for a dramatic hue that you can compliment with overly grand or toned down furniture.

If you want to create a similar effect in a smaller space, you can opt for a feature wall, in which you stick to a neutral tone on three of the four walls.

This is a great way to showcase your favourite piece of the room – pop the bed up against a feature wall: instant sophistication.


This interior style is a godsend for any house size – be it a mansion or a bedsit, you can easily create a chic atmosphere by opting for the ‘less is more’ mentality.

Avoid all kinds of clutter and invest in some storage containers that fit in with the chosen colour scheme of each particular room.

Even if you have a lot of stuff, there’s no need to have it all out on show – any hint of untidiness will completely obliterate the minimalistic effect.

Get Reflective

An easy way to create a luxurious feel to any home is to incorporate a number of mirrors into each room.

This creates the illusion of space, even when there isn’t much of it, so a great option for those working with smaller rooms.

Even opting for surfaces that reflect image and light is a good tip; look for metal worktops and sinks for kitchens – but be sure not to go for too much of a canteen vibe!


If you don’t want to waste a tonne of money on all kinds of expensive furnishings, invest in a couple of fancy pieces to give the overall impression that everything is of the same elevated value.

Do your research extensively though, before jumping into a purchase – you want it to be something that you can cherish for years to come – especially if you’re to be spending that extra bit of money.

Go Green

Houses with well-tended plants and flowers always convey a more put-together, stylish appearance.

Choose plants with long leaves and flowers with bold, eye-catching blooms – it’s very easy to make your home look more dated by keeping flowers that look old-fashioned and busy.

Visit your garden centre for some inspiration.

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