Blue girls kids bedroom interior.

Interior Tips: Space In Kids Bedrooms

March 24, 2014

Blue girls kids bedroom interior.

Making The Most Of Spare Space In Children’s Bedrooms

If you’re lucky enough to have rooms big enough that your children haven’t completely commandeered the lot, then you might want to consider using the extra space wisely.

If you find other parts of your house often become cluttered, it could be the day to work out some storage techniques to move the mess into a vacant space. We’ve devised our list of top five tips for making the most of space in your children’s bedrooms:

Storage Chests

These are the easiest way to clear up any clutter in a tidy way – the only problem is, ensuring that your storage chests match the décor of your children’s bedroom, or they might be a little unwilling to cooperate.

If you make sure that the colour scheme corresponds throughout, you should be able to slip in these new boxes without a hitch. Maybe even buy some wallpaper stickers of your child’s favourite characters to stick on the plastic boxes.


If the things that you’re looking to store in your children’s room are things that you don’t want them meddling with, you may wish to look into options that include locks.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a huge storage box with a lock (might be a little extreme), you can source a smaller lockable box to fit inside your plastic storage boxes.

However, we’d suggest that you keep a good eye on the keys! If your kids think that there’s something interesting hidden in the box, they may attempt to get into it.

Interior of playroom.


If your child doesn’t want the rest of the household’s stuff in their bedroom, you may have a bit of a negotiation task on your hands.

To counter this, you need to come up with some sort of bargain that will lighten the inconvenience to them.

Get them involved with the purchases that you will be using for storage: if they have had a say in the buying process, they will feel more involved.

It’ll also jazz up their room a little so win-win.

Make sure that you are firm in your decision though: if the room is going to waste, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be filled to allow for an all over tidier home.


Before you gather up all of the clutter and just dump it into a storage chest: rummage through it.

We all have a tendency to get a little ‘hoarder’, so make sure you bin things that you just don’t use anymore – or, instead of having a bunch of photographs just strewn all over the place, sit down for an hour with a cup of tea, reminisce and sort them into a photo album or two.

This way, you will utilise space more efficiently, and have a fun activity to keep everyone entertained.

Other Methods

If storage chests aren’t what you’re after, there are still plenty of ways to utilise your space in a sensible, tidy way.

For example, if you find that the family’s shoe are strewn everywhere, you can get a shoe organiser for the back of the door!

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