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Commercial Interior Design Services

As well as leading the way in private housing interior design, Darren Mercer also specialises in commercial and corporate spaces, with many inspirational offices, workspaces, corporate architectures, exhibition booths and department stores taking pride of place in his portfolio.

Darren Mercer Interiors create practical and visually stunning, but realistic spaces intended to enhance productivity and increase the general well being of staff and visitors, whilst simultaneously setting a platform for future growth and flexibility. Darren Mercer’s commercial and corporate designs are ideal for clients who need healthy, eco-friendly and durable environments in which to work, and for those who want the design of their building/space to reflect their company ethics and personality.

Determining how a certain layout will look is by no means the only consideration when designing spaces. Darren Mercer insists on getting to understand how the teams which will inhabit the space work and cooperate. This way, designers can make the best possible use of space specifically for the people of that company, thus improving work flow and output.

Other considerations include making the space as eco-friendly as possible, alternative furniture solutions, meeting room and office space configuration, and lighting and acoustics. Exactly the same space can look and feel completely different from each other when using different lighting, for example.

Every aspect is meticulously considered, put up to questioning, and then re-evaluated (if necessary) to ensure nothing is missed.

The final design and full specifications will then be drawn up, giving clients a clear list of all products used and their costs. 3D computer visuals will also be included, which are an excellent benefit to both the designers and the clients, to get a very clear understanding of how the new space is going to look, feel and fit together before any physical work begins.

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Private Clients

Darren Mercer provide interior design services for private clients in the UK.

Find out more about our services for individuals here: Private Clients Interior Design.