Easter Pastels for the home

April 17, 2014

If the bright and bold isn’t your cuppa tea and you like to opt for the more English countryside vibe for your living space, we have picked out some brilliant items for you. The best colours for Easter are pastels.
Many homes have a muted colour scheme and many people like to add accessories with colour instead of painting it on permanently, this way, it’s easy to update every season to items suitable for the time of year.
As we are close to Easter, we thought we’d show some lovely pastel and delicate looking accessories that can still make as much of an impression as bolder pieces.

normal_pastel-leather-dog-collarThere is an option to spoil your dog this Easter too with a these lovely pastel collars. I guess if your beloved pet is going to walking around or going for a run in the holidays, they better do it in style!
Link- http://bit.ly/1kxjdDC

Framed decorations and prints can easily inject a bit of the Easter vibe into your home. You can hang up this lovely print of a little rabbit which adds a little bit of colour.
Link- http://bit.ly/QcBXgI

Or you could opt for a more quirky accessory such as this rabbit head wall trophy. The light wood of this decoration will suit almost all walls, plus it is a tad more masculine so if you didn’t want anything too girly, this is a brilliant way to add just a hint of Easter.

Link- http://bit.ly/1iYY5SL

How do you like your eggs in the morning? In a bunny egg cup? We could have guessed that. On Easter Sunday, how about getting the family together at the table for Eggs Benedict and dippy eggs for the kids? These couldn’t be any more Easter themed if they tried. Simple and cute, they make a perfect decoration for any meal.
Link- http://bit.ly/1l0Y33B

Instead of having Easter eggs dotted all over your house (if that’s not your thing), then instead, you can have this hanging decoration outside your front door. This item is automatically welcoming Easter into your home before you even step through the front door!
Link- http://bit.ly/1npYwJL

Why not add some colourful springtime flowers such as daffodils, pink roses or anything else you may like and contrast them with pastel jugs to give that colourful yet muted look to your home. You could have them all in the same place or you could put each one in a different room to tie together the pastel theme but as a subtle hint.
Link- http://bit.ly/1qIjo0Q

And finally, these flower Pom pom decorations are a quirky way to update the room. The different sizes and colours offer a lovely variety for a dining room. Eye-catching, that’s for sure.
Link- http://bit.ly/1nb2PeS

Those were our picks for Easter pastels for the home!

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