Green Interiors

Scientists and climate change experts everywhere now generally accept that global warming has been heavily influenced by the energy used (and wasted) in homes and offices.

Darren Mercer Interiors is extremely proud of its Eco-friendly record and strives to use energy efficient and sustainable materials and designs where ever possible.

Whether we are working on the designs in our office, or we’re half way through the build stage, we aim to minimise the carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on our environment, by incorporating some or all of the following examples throughout or projects:

Sustainable Materials:

Darren Mercer Interiors was proud to complete it’s first project using only 100% sustainable or recycled materials on a period property in Leicestershire in 2008, and since then the company has completed a further 8 100% eco-friendly transformations.

We get wood flooring and panels from sustainable sources, use natural stone and recycled materials to create stunning, modern and comfortable spaces, whilst simultaneously helping the planet.

Renewable Energy:

Wasted energy is a personal bugbear of company Director Darren Mercer, so he made it the companies mission to always ensure all our practices are energy efficient.

Excellent progressions have been made in recent years with energy saving LED lighting, which we use as standard in our projects. Although cheaper options are available they do reduce energy usage, thus lowering running costs over the bulbs lifetime.

We also offer excellent discounts for clients who wish to install state of the art ceiling, wall and floor insulation, because not only do these save you money in the long term, they also save energy by dramatically reducing consumption. We love to know that our work has been completed with a sustainable future ahead of it, so that’s why we Darren Mercer Interiors will cover some of the costs for you.

Our designers all love using skylights and sun pipes where ever appropriate/possible. Natural sunlight is not only much, much healthier for human beings which means you’ll feel better overall, they’re also a great way to cut your electricity bills and energy usage almost in half!

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