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About Darren Mercer

Darren Mercer has had a passion for design for as long as he can remember. Unlike many children who grow up constantly changing their dreams and goals for the future, Darren knew from a very early age that all he wanted to do was draw, design and build things.

As the years have passed Darren’s interest in design has not waned in the slightest, and although his creations have now changed from simple model cars and miniature toy action figures into real life projects and some truly grand designs, his passion for this line of work remains as strong as ever.

Darren graduated from the University of Liverpool with a 1st in Interior Design, and since then has worked for a range of both small and large sized interior design boutiques in Liverpool, London and New York City, designing interiors for both private wealthy individuals and commercial groups.

In 2007, Darren Mercer was awarded the Interior Design ‘Rising Star’ Award, for his work transforming a run down Victorian Town House by Richmond’s Kew Gardens into a stunning contemporary family home. His biggest project to do date was a brand new Condo and Apartment development in Liverpool comprising 20 individually crafted units, and he is regularly involved with beautiful old country house regenerations, most notably in Hampshire, Sussex, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Darren cites his time spent designing interiors for mountain-perched chalets in the Swiss Alps as his favourite place to create, so far; “There’s a certain calmness and inner peace in all aspects of life over in Switzerland, which is something I try to take with me and incorporate into all of my designs”.

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Our Team

Darren Mercer interiors are recognised as one of the UK’s leading interior design studios. Darren Mercer and his hardworking, talented team boast a wealth of experience and a diverse portfolio in their field. Irrelevant of the task in hand, be it a regeneration of an old listed property, an ultra-modern condo or a super yacht, Darren’s team have the skills and experience necessary to create something you will be proud of.

  • Darren Mercer - Owner & Creative DirectorOpen or Close
    Darren Mercer - Owner & Creative Director Darren’s passion and love for interior design drives and inspires the whole team.

    His insistence to get involved with every single project on some level shows his dedication to absolute perfection with every project, and the atmosphere he creates in the office allows people to feel confident expressing ideas and taking responsibility. This makes for a much more productive and more successful team overall.

    Profile: Darren Mercer

  • Michael White - Head Interior DesignerOpen or Close
    Michael White - Head Interior Designer Michael takes care of a wide variety of projects across two continents, ranging from apartment complexes to luxury period properties.

    Having worked in the industry for 12 years, Michael has been there and done it, but insists “You never know what’s around the corner in this industry. You must expect the unexpected, that’s why I’m always on my toes prepared for every eventuality”.

  • Ally Richards - Interior DesignerOpen or Close
    Ally Richards - Interior Designer

    Ally graduated from Nottingham University with a 1st in Interior Architecture & Design, and has recently joined our team from a highly respected interior design studio in London.

    Her clients and colleagues benefit greatly from her level-headedness and ability to remain calm and reassuring in even the toughest of situations. Ally cites time spent in Portugal and Spain has influenced her design theory and is a huge fan of Portuguese architect Felipe Oliviera Dias.

  • Rhian Ainscough - Studio ManagerOpen or Close
    Rhian Ainscough - Studio Manager

    Rhian is our studio manager for our Liverpool design studio. Rhian started her career working as a fashion designer, but felt more of a passion for interior design so made the switch 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

    Rhian’s experience in a fast-paced client focussed environment has set her in good stead for this role, and her enthusiasm, positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills make her the perfect person to look after our office.

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Amazing to work with, from start to finish they really made us feel like we were in control. Would recommend DMI to anyone.

Five star service. We were impressed by how much Darren’s team went the extra mile to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.

The results speak for themselves. Going with Darren Mercer was a decision we have not regretted.

How can we help?

At Darren Mercer Interiors we are fully aware of the importance of your space and how it is going to effect your, your family’s or your colleague’s lives on a daily basis. Your space is not just another empty box that needs to be filled, it’s a special and individual area which requires careful and specific planning to ensure the space’s full potential is reached.

We will guide, advise and educate you through every step of the process, keeping you fully informed of every major decision we make, whilst also keeping you in the loop with regards to materials, costing and planning etc.

However, just because we are the experts on Interior Design, we know that you are the expert when it comes to your property. We will listen to your input and work to your exact needs and specifications.

We are true believers in collaboration and we feel that working together we can achieve something great. Please get in touch and we can begin the conversation.