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2014 Interior Design Trends

March 25, 2014

Spring interior - private clients

With the new year already in full swing, what better time than now to breathe some fresh life into your all too familiar home or workspace by updating it with some of this years hottest trends?

Your living or working areas can be completely transformed (if you so desire) with just a few simple interior design changes. With furniture and d├ęcor more brave, bold and easily accessible, it’s easy to create dramatic effects from simplicity. It’s cheaper and easier than ever before to completely change the feel and atmosphere of a space, and these 5 2014 trends listed below are sophisticated enough to last and stay in fashion for a good while.

1. Modern twists on classic designs

Remember the days you spent visiting your Grandparents’ floral-design covered house? Well those floral patterns have already made a highly promising comeback, but this time with a twist. Old toile and chintz style patterns have been given a funky modern makeover and are proving very popular so far this year.

2. Turquoise Shades

We’ve seen lots of greens and blues over the last few years so perhaps that’s why turquoise is making big noises in 2014. It popped up all over the 2013 High Point Market on wall coverings, furniture covers and upholstery and we expect it to remain popular throughout the year.

3. Deeply Saturated Colours

Simplistic and unsaturated colours like beige and grey are being left behind and taking their places are deeply saturated shades like navy. Navy is actually now being considered a new type of neutral as it can blend well with many other styles and hues. If changing the walls to a darker shade like this sounds too much, too soon, perhaps first try a piece of darker coloured furniture and build slowly from there.

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4. Lightly-toned woods

The years of dark mahogany and cherry dominating the wooden furniture market appear to be moving closer to an end, as this year woods with honey and caramel tones are making waves. Softer tints go well with most design styles and gives the space a light and airy feel.

5. Kitchens with bling

The family kitchen has long since been the focal point of any home, and now designers are taking it a few steps further by designing some simply glamourous kitchens complete with countertops and surfaces mimicking agate, malachite and other exotic stones. 2014 will see the year of the elaborate kitchen.

Article by Darren Mercer at Darren Mercer Interiors. Looking for help with a new project? Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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